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What is a "Living Street" or Woon​erf?

A living street, otherwise called a woonerf, is a European concept that allows a mix of people, bicycles, and cars to co-exist. The concept of a living street started in the Netherlands in the 1970s and has been introduced to the United States recently. The idea is to balance the relationship between moving automobiles, bicycles, and people so that they can all safely share the same street. The design of the living street usually consists of no sidewalks or curbs, but the pattern or humps on the street will naturally indicate to drives that they must drive slowly. These traffic calming streets almost look as though cars should not drive on them, which indicates to the driver to beware and to drive slow. As you can see from the rendering, the street pavers are in a pattern that disrupts the traffic so they proceed slowly. For instance, in the rendering, you will see multiple crosswalk looking patterns, which will indicate to the drivers to beware of pedestrians. In addition, our living street is designed of pavers, which will make the street look more like a sidewalk or a vehicle-free zone, which will calm the traffic to drive at slow speeds. For more information about Brisa29 townhouses, please see our home page.

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